On the Road to Damascus (2012)

Cover On the Road to Damascus

All About Jazz.com:
”Surely one of the most original and satisfying big band recordings of the year”
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Distrito Jazz (Spain):
“Jensen shows that he has researched Arab sounds and he achieves some moments of great intensity”

Sydsvenskan (Sweden):
Other big band leaders have been fascinated of Arabic and oriental music, but only few have succeeded with the same feeling and knowledge as the Dane Jens Christian “Chappe” Jensen
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JazzNyt.com (Denmark):
“The most stringent Blood Sweat Drum + Bass release to date”
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Jazz & Tzaz Magazine (Greece):
“The Danish Blood, Sweat, Drum ‘n’ Bass Big Band combines various elements in an exuberant way”
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Orkester Journalen (Norway):
“Det mest originella stycket är dock Oud Indigo, där Sofus Forsbergs elektroniske exesser möter Rafeas lyriska oud kring Ellingtons Botenplatta . Här blir det riktigt intressant och synergetisk”
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Musiktidsskrift LIRA (Sweden):
“… is definitely something that anyone who likes innovative music should check out!”