Blood Sweat Drum + Bass stumbled into being. In 2001 their composer and conductor, Jens Christian “Chappe” Jensen, put the orchestra together and played a single show which was supposed to be it.

The people who heard the x-large big band had another opinion, though and requests for additional concerts brought the band back together.

Eventually they realized that every new concert that they were playing not was going to be their last. Instead they were building a name for themselves without even knowing so.

Today Blood Sweat Drum + Bass is one of the best playing big bands in Europe. The musicians all have carriers on their own. Some dig improvisation and free jazz others work with theatre and traditional concerts but when they come together they create this sound which only can be described as Blood Sweat Drum + Bass. It’s thick! You can stick a brush into it and paint your walls with it.

The orchestra has played Denmark and abroad, solo and with guest stars and released five albums which every time would take their music in another direction.

The story of Blood Sweat Drum + Bass is the story of sticking together when chasing the muses.


Here you can find information on what Blood Sweat Drum + Bass have been doing since 2001:

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