In the Spirit of…” (2014)





All About (Ian Patterson):

In The Spirit Of… is drum and bass heavy to be sure, yet BSD+Bass’ percussive force and the undulating rhythmic grooves are as much embedded in the full, stirring ensemble voice. And, if it doesn’t quite draw blood, it sure as hell raises a satisfying sweat.

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All About (Jakob Bækgaard):

Past and present, East and West. Opposites meet on a beautiful and eclectic album that is supported by
a generous high-quality DVD that brims with more than two hours of material, including a fascinating
road movie. The perfect introduction to an adventurous big band that deserves wide recognition.

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It’s a pleasure to find a band that is successful in mixing sophisticated sounds with palpable rhythms, balance head and heart.

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Gaffa (Ivan Rod):

Big bandets musik er som vanligt: inciterende, jazzet, baseret på drum’n bass og ramt af elementer af 70’er rock, funk og fusion. In the Spirit of… er en forrygende sfærisk energiudladning, big bandets suverænt bedste udgivelse til dato.

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Så fortsätter det, både på cd:n och den medföljande dvd:n, och det är bara att hänga på de fantastiska upptäcktsfärderna. Den norske journalisten Terje Mosness har beskrivit Blood Sweat Drum + Bass som ”A young, astonishing, dynamic, special, vital, sound monster”! Det är bara att instämma.

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Endnu en gang har de lavet en anbefalelsesværdig udgivelse.

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I have been watching the Blood Sweat Drum + Bass in recent years, and every new recording comes to confirm the initial impression that it is a top orchestra of our time ….. This orchestra is a whole world.

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This In The Spirit Of … is the perfect introduction to the world of this band of adventurers who deserve a wider recognition on our part.
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