Cairo Jazz Festival


Proudly presents:
On the Road to Damascus
Cairo Jazz Festival 2015 Friday October 16th

Cairo billedeA breath-taking collaboration of the 24-piece Danish Orchestra Blood Sweat Drum ‘n’Bass featuring the Virtuoso Iraqi Oud Player Naseer Shamma. This unique concert will present the latest project of the Danish Big Band “The Road To Damascus” inspired by poems Nizar Qabbani sung in English.

Reviews on CD: On the Road to Damascus:

All About
”Surely one of the most original and satisfying big band recordings of the year.”
Distrito Jazz (Spain):
Jensen shows that he has researched Arab sounds and he achieves some moments of great intensity,
Andra storbandsledare har fingrat på arabisk och orientalisk musik, men få med dansken Jens Christian ”Chappe” Jensens känsla
och kunskap.
”Den mest stringente Blood Sweat Drum + Bass udgivelse til dato
Jazz & Tzaz (Greece) Magazine
Det danske Blood, Sweat, Drum ‘n’ Bass Big Band kombinerer forskellige elementer i en sprudlende måde.
Orkester Journalen Norge:
Det mest originella stycket är dock Oud Indigo, där Sofus Forsbergs elektroniske exesser möter Rafeas lyriska oud kring
Ellingtons Botenplatta . Här blir det riktigt intressant och synergetisk
Musiktidskrift LIRA Sverige:
”..är definitivt något som alla som gillar nyskapande musik bör kolla u”.

Blood Sweat Drum + Bass feat. Palle Mikkelborg & David Liebman

10.7.2015 Den Sorte Diamant under Copenhagen Jazz Festival
13.7.2015 Aarhus Musikhus under Aarhus Jazz Festival

An spectacular encounter between trumpet player Palle Mikkelborg and saxophonist David Liebman and a comprehensive big band.

‘Supreme, jazzy burst of energy with elements of 70s rock, funk and fusion’ wrote GAFFA in its five-star review of the unique collaboration. Now it is time for a revisit at Aarhus Jazz Festival.

Palle Mikkelborg is a visionary Danish musician of international repute. When Miles Davis visited Copenhagen in 1984 to receive the Sonning Music Award, Palle Mikkelborg was charged with composing a piece dedicated to the master. The piece would be titled ‘Aura’, and the related album received two Grammy awards in 1991. His album Anything but Grey (1992) was awarded best jazz album in Denmark and Mikkelborg received the Nordic Council’s music award in 2001.

David Liebman, who has been called the most important post-Coltrane saxophonist, has been in bands with Miles Davis and Elvin Jones and been one of the most innovative and trendsetting musicians on the modern jazz scene. Since the beginning of the 1970s, Liebman has consistently been among the final contenders for Down Beat’s vote for soprano saxophonist of the year. He is also considered one of the most essential jazz artists of his generation.

The two musical individualists resume their collaboration with the spectacular big band Blood Sweat Drum + Bass. The reviews of the 2015 Vinterjazz tour with Palle Mikkelborg and Mike Sheridan prove that the band is in peak condition:

‘Incredible concert by Aarhusian big band with Palle Mikkelborg as star guest.’ (Politiken)

‘One and a half hours in another world.’ (Sjællands Tidende)